As a Christian based Charity experienced in working with trauma related mental illness and faith, we are well placed to offer training on any type of childhood trauma or distress which still holds consequences as an adult, and can also offer insight and advice on mental illness and distress experienced in adulthood.

Over the last 35+ years we have supported many people who sadly have either not been able to access healing support in their Churches or have been abused within a Church or religious setting. This includes people in Leadership positions as well as congregations, and ranges from misuse of power to occult based abuse.


From the core place of a personal living faith walk with Jesus Christ we have been and are privileged to be part of the healing of trauma, mental illness, and spiritual abuse for multiple people, and we see amazing outcomes in terms of healing, freedom, and ability to engage with life. With the publishing of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) reports, specifically the report attending to abuse within Church and religious based settings, many Churches are now seeking experienced training, support, and advice in these areas. Within the Church the issue of ‘forgiveness’ is frequently mentioned, and often misunderstood by both survivors and others when relating to healing of any issue . Memebers of the SALT team are available to give training and/or shorter ‘talks’ around any issue relating to this and any faith based topic.

SALT South West is experienced with all of the above, providing a unique span across multiple issues and needs and we can offer workshops, training days, and speakers for events.

Examples of needs we can cover include (but are not limited to):

  • Listening Skills: listening to one another and Holy Spirit counsel.
  • Spiritual Abuse and the misuse of power
  • Supporting adult survivors of Church based abuse: Distorted images of God and Church?
  • Supporting adult survivors of any type of childhood trauma/distress
  • Supporting Leaders to equip ministry teams – the gifts of the Holy Spirit, healing, and deliverance
  • It’s not ‘What’s wrong with you?’ but ‘What has happened to you?’ The relationship between Mental health and unresolved trauma/distress related consequences.
  • The faith journey: Healing, scripture, relationships, and hope.
  • The personal healing journey for those in Leadership – don’t ignore the need!

Workshops are a minimum of 3 hours, and training days are generally around 6 hours unless otherwise negotiated. The content can be tailored to your needs, and as a result costs for all of the above can vary. Personal testimony statements are used throughout the above topics, to show application and the reality of healing as applied to personal experience for many people.

Please email us at for any further information and to start a discussion on how we can help.