Christian based training

We run a  Christian training course over two whole days, usually two Saturdays,  It has also been known to run over six evenings at one evening per week.  We are open to discussion as to how the course can be tailored to accommodate people’s work commitments.  A minimum of 8 people with a maximum of 14 are needed to get the most from the training, and participants are required to obtain a reference from their minister/pastor.  It is possible to run this training for people from various churches all together or all from the same church and at a suitable venue. The training is suitable for anyone seeking to understand more about this trauma and its effects, and is invaluable for all of us, as Christians, if we seek to minister God’s Love and Grace to humanity, whether in the Church or outside of it.

The team at SALT are Christians who are well rooted and grounded in local Church fellowships and, through willingness to learn, God has taught us much over the years about ministering healing.  As the figures show that at least 1 in 5 of all adults have experienced some kind of abuse as children, it is likely that you know someone who is a survivor even if you are not aware of it!

The training covers a variety of issues, with explicit reference to Biblical principles, and a range of tools are used to facilitate the learning process.  If you are interested in this training as an individual or as a church or team (eg ministry teams), please contact us by phone or email, the details of which you will find if you click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.

Comments from previous participants to similar courses:

“Really well presented.  Knowledge of subject excellent and presented in a way all could understand.  Sensitive and caring, yet professional and genuine training”.    

“The content is really good and useful.  Everything I could imagine to ask was answered”. 

The trainers were great at assessing the situation, checking for any unanswered questions.  They also left sufficient space for you to build up the courage to ask any question”.