Client testimonials

 A few comments from clients in 2018:

“I have achieved how to use coping methods, understanding about the ‘inner child’.

“Anger is now less often and when I do get angry I am able to manage it.  Again this is the same with my anxiety.  I am much more aware of my emotions generally”.

“I feel that my depression has improved. The intimacy has got a lot better too”.

“It is great to have people that are open and understand and can help you unpick your mind”.

November 2017 One client’s reflections after Skills Sessions and then after individual therapy sessions.


 The Skills Sessions in January 2017 has formulated a new me.

 Firstly, I no longer feel ashamed/stigmatised or feel the abuse was my fault.  I tell myself daily that “I love you exactly as you are” in front of the mirror and I feel there is now acceptance.

I no longer have weekly shopping trips to town or buying on the internet; it has been months since I bought any new clothes/shoes.

I am now calm and find that I am slow to anger.

I now enjoy cooking and baking.  I find it gratifying and my husband cheekily says there is no need now to go to a restaurant.

 I know that my happiness or success doesn’t depend on any person, place or thing.

 I see in myself all the qualities I need to be happy and fulfilled in all that I undertake as God is with me and His Spirit in me in my inspiration and capability.

 Clients after Skills and individual therapy sessions. June/July 2017 

  •  “It’s given me fresh and deeper insights into myself and my ways, whilst realising I’m not alone! In terms of nervousness I’d say it’s okay to share/engage deeply or lightly; the magic happens anyway!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE xxx
  • “You’ll wonder why you didn’t give this time to yourself before”.
  • “A time of self discovery.  Giving voice to much of what’s been silenced.  A safe and freeing environment of care.”

Earlier comments from clients:

“I’m learning to be less domineering”.

“Able to see the relationship between abandonment and current risk behaviours.  It’s because I felt worthless”. 

You’ve helped me realise that I’m not defined by my mental health and that I am a person of value.  You’ve given my daughter a healthy father and my wife, a healthy and loving husband.  Thank you for your understanding, your time and your advice.”   

“More (much) spontaneous with intimacy with partner, though he’s not quite sure what to do with that!” 

“only 1 nightmare in last 6 weeks, so significantly reduced.  No more night terrors at all.” 

“no anti-anxiety meds before work meetings for 6 weeks.” 

“Angry outbursts have virtually stopped.” 

“New coping mechanisms.  Understanding why I feel and do what I do.” answer to question about achievements noted in original assessment session which was ‘being able to function as a person, not fearful’. 

“SALT is the only therapy which has made a difference”    “I can now view myself as a woman instead of a girl, I don’t have to carry the burden of abuse anymore – not a victim, a survivor”.  

“This was the first time I felt understood by anyone, not judged or made to feel bad.  Supported me in being able to look at myself.  Given me tools to help myself”. 

“I really needed SALT to get at the demons I’ve had most of my life from a little girl;  to enable me to move on and have a happy and fulfilling life”.  

 “I could not have imagined the positive impact these sessions have had on both me and my family.  I am incredibly lucky to be able to assimilate the right information, at the right time so quickly and thank you for being the ones to provide it.  It has been a life-changing experience”. 

“I can’t say thank you enough for the help you gave me to recover my life after 50 years.     Given me a positive insight and understanding of how I got to where I am and just beginning to understand what I need to do”.  Thank you, without you I honestly believe I would not be here now”.