Our services are offered free of charge to individual clients (unless otherwise stated).  However donations are needed and would be greatly appreciated.  We are a non-profit making charity and all of our funds go toward maintaining our premises, continuing to improve SALT South West generally and developing our work for clients. 

We apply for grants from various funding organisations (and government bodies whenever possible!) but these are becoming harder to come by.  There are some  individuals and churches who make regular monthly contributions to support the work, for which we are most grateful.  If you are interested in making any kind of donation or supporting us with fundraising activities we would be glad to hear from you.

We have  been awarded a two year grant – paid quarterly – from The Ministry of Justice’s Rape Support Fund.  This was a difficult application to make but we are thankful that it was approved on the grounds of historical abuse.  Reports are due every six months.  We have just been informed (November 2017) that the Ministry of Justice have just informed us that our grant is to be extended for a further year until end March 2019.  

A one-off grant was received from The Souter Charitable Trust during 2014 and a three year small grant is also being received from the YAPP Charitable Trust.

We continue to be grateful for all grants received to enable us to continue to work with vulnerable adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

We run various fund-raising events during the year and would welcome any person wanting to run a sponsored event to help with our finances.

The East Cornwall Buffalo’s donated the sum of £2083 towards the work of SALT when their Chairman named our agency as the charity for his year in office.  Our grateful thanks to then all.

Individual donations are always welcome and taxpayers can Gift Aid their donation to increase the value if they wish.

To make online donations to the work of SALT South West you can now visit March 2016 changed from to and launched a new website.

This is a brilliant way to donate both individual gifts or monthly donations.  They deal with the Gift Aid element which is paid after six weeks rather than a one off payment from HMRC once a year.  Also, anyone who wishes to participate in any sponsored fundraising event they  can use this website to gather more sponsors.  Sometimes donors feel that online giving is more efficient!