Individual sessions

We offer therapeutic listening sessions to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, starting with an Initial Assessment session.  Having decided to proceed, after a course of four Skills Sessions, this is followed by an initial seven sessions of individual work, with two listeners whom we hope you will come to trust!  Further sets of individual sessions follow with evaluations made after every seven sessions.

These sessions will be totally focused on you as an individual, helping you find your inner child who was damaged by the abuse and then going on to address the issues you face in your adult being as a consequence.  More is described in the What we offer section.

Some comments from previous clients:

“What hard work!  But it is making such a difference”.

“Thank you so much for everything.  I don’t know how I would have coped”.

“It helped me understand how I feel and how I can manage my feelings”.

“I was in denial at first, it took me a long time to get it out… There was realisation and then acceptance”.

“I feel more confident”.

“Given me tools to process my anger and channel it into something good”.

MALE SURVIVORS: At the present time we have had to stop taking on any new male clients but would signpost any male seeking help to contact Operation Emotion 2 which is a service for male survivors of sexual abuse.  The contacts are Dave or Marc – email:, Helpline 07539 810096 and their website is

See Relevent Links to access their website via this site.