We have a library of books available for clients to borrow and others which are suitable for team members, to facilitate further knowledge and expertise. We also hold various DVDs on the specialised subjects which occur in our work.

They are arranged in groups:

  • biographical
  • eating disorder
  • Christian Focus
  • Male Survivors
  • Work Books
  • Partners & Parents
  • Ritual Abuse
  • General – covering anything else!

DABS Directory and Book Services support those concerned with abuse & sexual violence and SALT’s details appear in their Directory.

Dr Nina Burrowes has produced two illustrated books – which we would thoroughly recommend – entitled:

  • The Little Book on Authenticity
  • The Courage to be me

Visit her website www.ninaburrowes.com for further information. The books are both available free online, as ebooks and in paperback form.   “The Courage to be” is written for survivors of sexual abuse and is a quick but powerful read.


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