“When Church Hurts” – a day course organised by SALT – speaker Pauline Andrew of Deep Release (www.deeprelease.org.uk). See Post published 18 December 2013 for information.

Professional Training

Our popular introduction to the consequences of sexual abuse in childhood is a one day programme which runs fom 9.15am to 4pm (though these times are negotiable).  We run these on an ‘as and when’ basis, at a local venue, and all handout materials are included in the cost.  A selection of issues from the Training page are included, and the day is fast-paced and informative.  By far the majority of people who have this training, have concluded that it has greatly enhanced their practice, and broadened and deepened their awareness and understanding of the issues a survivor may face.  Anyone who comes into contact with survivors would benefit from this training, including those for whom working with survivors is not their primary role, e.g. Doctors, Police, Social Workers, Community Workers etc. Group sizes are limited for the training days so that all may benefit as much as possible and various different acivities are used to maximise learning.

Comments from previous training

“Really well structured.  Tutors’ experience was very obvious and reassuring”.

“My practice will change now and those I work with will notice the difference”.

“Very relevant material to our everyday work.  Thanks for a great day”.

“Very informative and well balanced”.

“Thank you very much, it was very relaxing and humorous at times.  You put over a very emotive subject very well”.

Training given to trainee counsellors May 2013 – comments on one-day course.

“I thought the handouts and the activities were a great way to learn.  I liked the ‘hands on’ approach”.

“Very informative.  Clear and concise content of materials.  Very clear handouts covering important issues.  Clear delivery of information.  Not rushed, but covered a lot of issues”.

“One of the best workshops I have attended”.

“Really insightful day.  I have lots to take away and reflect upon.  I feel more prepared to work  with survivors of sexual abuse now”.

Training given to Plymouth Bereavement Service November 2014

“I have been given a very good insight to this subject matter and way of looking at my own self-management”.

“It was a lovely and upbeat, hopeful presentation of which is intrinsically difficult and painful”.

“Incredibly informative and thought-provoking day”.