SALT offer therapeutic listening sessions to both male and female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

How it works

Initial Assessment

The SALT process begins with an invitation to an  Initial Assessment session. This enables you to come along  and have a coffee or tea with a member of staff in a relaxed atmosphere to chat over what you feel you need support with. This generally takes around an hour and gives both you and us the chance to see if SALT is what you need.

Skills Sessions

If you do decide that SALT is for you, then you will be offered a place at a group for four Skills Sessions.

These sessions will equip you in preparation for individual sessions.

Individual Sessions

Following completion of our Skills Sessions, you will be offered an initial block of seven individual sessions with two of our listeners.

In Between Sessions

 There is always the opportunity to phone for a chat when the Helpline is manned and occasionally one-off ‘holding’ sessions until listeners are available, if necessary.