Sexual Abuse Listening Therapy

At SALT South West we support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and offer a small number of sessions to ‘significant others’ (partners, close friends, and supporters). We are a Plymouth based charity committed to supporting the lived experience of healing from trauma to the people of Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

SALT is a Christian based charity, and we offer confidential, non-judgemental skilled listening therapy to adults regardless of faith, spirituality, or religion.

We have two ‘Objects’ (purposes) registered with the Charity Commission UK which are:

To relieve the mental, emotional and spiritual health distresses of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, living in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, by the provision of a therapeutic listening service. 

To advance education for the public benefit, of people in Plymouth and the surrounding areas,in particular, but not exclusively, by providing training  and skills development in the consequences and healing of childhood trauma.

All of the work and support available at SALT is to fulfil these purposes

Please explore the website to get more information on what we do, how we do it, and where we are.